The words that come out of your mouth really do matter and you matter tremendously. Your existence right now on this earth is no accident. You have great purpose and with the words you speak you have great power to create or destroy the world around you. I would be willing to bet that you most likely don’t have the slightest idea just how powerful you really are.

Have you taken the time to really think about it? Your words are not meaningless. They are not just noise in a chaotic world. On the contrary, they are very instrumental in your own personal life and in the lives of the people around you. This may be the big shocker to most…yes, your words impact the entire world. They affect much, much more than you realize.

Let’s dive into a better understanding of how the world was created in order for us to get a more clear picture of how it continues to function. The subject is deep and vast. It has been a mystery for most people and science has just barely scratched the surface. Planet Earth is not some giant rock floating in outer space (as some might call it the third rock from the sun).

Instead, it is a masterpiece of creativity. How can it be anything else? Have you taken time to think about how incredible creation is. Have you been bewildered by the preciseness of nature? Look around, do you see the beauty in the perfect symmetry of some things and the uniqueness of flowers, landscapes, animals and people all around.

Does it leave you in awe and wonder? These things become magical when studied in detail. What about the human body and all of the systems it takes to function? The earth and everything in it was spoken into existence with mighty power from God. His voice is so powerful that the matter he created obeyed his every command and took its rightful place.

We were made by Him to reflect His image. The definition of the word image goes deeper than physical appearance but rather the character and attributes as well.

God gave us dominion so that we can practice being like Him. The power to create is already within each of us. It is up to us to realize our true potential and tap into our authority. The more we grasp this idea and the more we practice it, the more authority we gain and more powerful we become. It is a beautiful plan. If we had eyes to see what impact our words have on the atmosphere around us, what would we see? Can you close your eyes and imagine? In your mind, put time into slow motion and try to see the words as they part from your lips. Where do they go? What happens to them? Do they create good vibrations or negative ones?

The Beach Boys wrote a great song back in 1966 called Good Vibrations. When Rolling Stone magazine reporter asked the song’s author, Brian Wilson about the song’s meaning he replied, “My mother used to tell me about vibrations. I didn’t really understand too much of what she meant when I was a boy.

It scared me, the word ‘vibrations’ – to think that invisible feelings or invisible forces that filled the air existed. She also told me about dogs that would bark at some people, but wouldn’t bark at others, and so it came to pass that we talked about good vibrations.”

If feelings affect the atmosphere around us sending vibrations, how much more do words and sounds? There are notable studies about how a plant respond to music. I would like to propose that everything in our environment responds in some way. People across the globe are beginning to understand that they can speak things into existence with their words. They are discovering how positivity and the spoken word inpacts the environment.

When I travel, I immediately notice the environment, the atmosphere or the “vibrations” of the city, town, building, etc. I can pick up on whether it feels good or bad. It is just like anything else in life. If we place importance upon a subject, research it out, meditate on it and practice it, we will gain a better understanding of it. This is a subject well worth thinking about and well worth experimenting with.

Here is your assignment:  Start by speaking positivity over your own life. Sit down in a quiet place, think about what you want to become and what is the honest truth about you.  Only concentrate on the positive and what gives you hope and motivation.  Write it out on paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror (or somewhere you will see it first thing every morning.)  Make a conscious effort to read it aloud every day for at least a month. See the changes that take place and the power of the spoken word at work in your life.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.
~Proverbs 18:21


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