James and Rachel Kissinger met in 2011 on an internet dating site called Plenty of Fish.  Neither of them had any intentions of finding a mate this way, but they were both coerced into it by friends. They each reluctantly created their profiles on-line.  The number one thing that mattered to each of them was to find someone that loves the Lord and lives accordingly. It can be a hard trait to find. When they discovered each other instantly there was something magical. There was just something about James that she became so intrigued with him. James said that when he saw Rachel’s picture and read her profile, Holy Spirit said, “she will be your wife.”  They quickly exchanged Facebook information and started chatting and then exchanged phone numbers.

After just a week or so they were anxious to meet in person.  On a beautiful winter Sunday afternoon they met at the Sundial Bridge.  Instantly and effortlessly, the conversation flowed as they walked for over an hour. Because they were having such a great time Rachel suggested they to go to Olde West Gun and Loan to look at handguns together because she was interested in his expert opinion. The look on James’ face was priceless.  A pretty girl that loves God and guns?  Who could ask for more. I think it may have been what sealed the deal. These two nature-loving, fast car driving, God-fearing, adventurous rednecks had found each other. The second date ended with that awkward kiss but it wasn’t awkward at all, instead there were fireworks like you see in the cartoons.

From that day they were inseparable, spending as much free time together as possible.  The conversations were often about God,  past experiences and future plans and dreams.  Within days of meeting love was blossoming and the need to hold back from blurting out “I love you” was swirling in each of their heads. Life was full of adventure and tests as they worked to blend their families together into one. Each had two nearly grown children from their previous marriages. Determined that God had brought them together, they committed themselves to one another and began talking about marriage.

With a firm foundation, they are starting a new chapter in life. Expectation and excitement directs the next steps for their awesome purpose together. There is a great passion in them to advance the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in heaven”. The  prophetic words spoken over them are coming into alignment.  They have strengths in different areas and therefore compliment each other well.  Their foundation is built upon love, honor and trust. They continue to grow and learn as a team.  Together they have determination, perseverance, strength, wisdom, hope, joy and patience to make a difference in society. Their mission is to bring hope to people by introducing them to freedom and their potential and purpose in life.

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