Our Purpose & Vision

Body~     Physical health is paramount. As a
society we are looking at health differently these
days. We are realizing that our bodies are
machines that need to be taken care of.
We cannot continue to pollute our
bodies. We see the evidence of
poor choices all around us. The
trend is that people are turning
to organic foods, eliminating
chemicals and becoming more
active. There is such a great deal of
beneficial information we can learn on
the web about optimal health. I like to
research the information and find out what
works and share it with others.

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Our Uncorked Health & Wellness products
definitely tackle the area of physical health.
People are testifying of the incredible
benefits they have experienced while
taking them. It is a healthy lifestyle
choice made from the best
ingredients. It is an honorable
company you can stand behind.
There is tremendous growth
potential in the company and an
opportunity to make a real decent
living. You can experience the freedom
that you have always dreamed of and live an
abundant life. This is the American dream.

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Soul~     Creativity must be shared and it
feeds the soul. Our imagination is very
powerful. When we blend our imagination
with our passion and skills we become
who we were designed to be. It is an
expression of our soul. Utilizing
our skills and talents to the best
of our ability benefits the world.
The world is hungry to experience
the creativity inside of you. With
our website we aim to share our
skills, talents and knowledge with the
world in hopes of sparking the creativity
in others. Our shop is full of creatively,
hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces of art
that will certainly compliment your home,
business or office. When you buy one of
our creations you are buying a quality
product made with love and care.

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There is a phenomenon sweeping the nation
right now. There is a tremendous amount of
freedom found in ditching the traditional idea
of American living. People are turning to
tiny homes to fulfill all sorts of needs.
We are super stoked about our
tiny home project. It is in the
beginning stages and we plan
to share the journey with you.
James has over 20 years of
experience in wood-working and
carpentry. Our tiny homes will be
unique and extremely durable. Generosity
is found in the hearts of the people. Giving does
the soul such good. There is joy in it. Across the
nation we see city governments looking into tiny
home communities to solve their homeless
population crisis. James and I propose this
could be a solution to alleviate the below-poverty
conditions on many Native American reservations.

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Spirit~      As newlyweds we have a goal to
build a better future not for ourselves but for
the sake of the world and in order to leave
a legacy for our children and our
children’s children. We have
started out with next to
nothing in money and
physical resources.
But what we do have is
an abundance of faith and
passion. Our faith is in God;
the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
of the Bible. Coaching and teaching people
about identity and purpose is important to
us. Our heart is for the First Nations people
(Indians as some may say). We believe they
deserve our support, our love and our focus
and they should be honored and respected.
With reconciliation and forgiveness new
doors to opportunity will open up. When
we learn to toss hate and resentment out the
window, heal the broken hearts and the broken
trust, we can truly co-exist and love one another.


So it is our dream is to build multiple streams of
income that will sustain us that we may travel as
missionaries to the reservations throughout
the US. Because we love to learn, the
past eight years have been spent
learning all that we can about the
subject of life. We have read
numerous books, researched
for countless hours, watched
instructional videos on all types
of subjects and taken just about
every class offered at Bethel Church
in Redding. This is how we prefer to spend
our time, always learning for the benefit of
society. We have gained so much knowledge,
understanding and insight that we feel it is
necessary to share with the rest of the world.
It doesn’t take a genius to see the decline in
society with narcissistic people obsessed with
their looks or greedy individuals with low-self
esteem competing with their friends and
neighbors to obtain the latest and greatest
cars, cell phones and other material objects.
Many seem to concentrate their valuable
time and energy on things that do not
benefit them nor society. Enough is
enough. It is time for change. We
want to be the change. Will you
join us?

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