I was a negative person as a teenager and well into my twenties. I looked at most people in a negative light and criticized them. These thoughts of others and the negative outlook on life in general were flying around in my head. They were not pretty, in fact they were very ugly and I had no problem voicing this negativity everywhere I went. I was spewing out hatred at people and in my environment like a fire-breathing dragon. As I became older and more mature, I realized I desperately needed to change. The feeling became stronger and stronger. I had remorse for my actions and shame for my bad deeds. I needed forgiveness and reconciliation. I reached out for answers and started filling my life with positivity and love.

I started to realize who I am and that I was made for love and not hate. I started slaying the dragons of negativity in my mind but it was not easy and it didn’t happen over night. There were many set backs and times of hopelessness. Sometimes I had a desire to revert back to my old ways but I resisted. As a result, today I am joyful, hopeful and positive. I avoid negativity and concentrate on truth. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am now. I am a completely transformed person. My life is delightful and I try to make the most of every opportunity placed before me and for every person I come in contact with. It took a conscious effort, determination and perseverance on my part.

I’ve had a few very empowering dreams that helped boost my confidence and confirm that I was on the right path and that I have what it takes to overcome anything. In one dream I was protecting my family from a flying dragon. I told them to run, to get into the car and drive. I was brave and planned to defeat the dragon, which was at least five times my size, all on my own. It grabbed me in its claws

with its sharp talons wrapped around me and took flight up into the air several stories high. At first I panicked and felt scared but then I remembered who I am and the warrior inside me came alive. I spoke to the fear and I commanded the dragon to release me and go back to where it had come from. And so it did and I floated gracefully down to the ground. I had saved my family and the city and it was effortless because I believed in myself. In other dreams I continued to overtake snakes, alligators and all sorts of evil people. These dreams helped me understand bravery and authority over circumstances.

So how did I get into that predicament in the first place? Well, I had opened many doors to negativity from the death metal music I listened to and the scary rated “R” movies I watched as well as my curiosity of witchcraft, books I had read and people I allowed to influence me. This is just to name a few because there was much more going on in my life adding to the problem, internal and external sources. I gave evil permission to rule in my life and in my mind because I entertained it. It became my master. It happened gradually, pilling on layer upon layer in my being (my soul) and became a strong force. Most people wouldn’t choose this lifestyle intentionally. It rather chooses them. Misery brings company. Think of it as inviting the one naughty friend over when your parents are away for the weekend and before you know it you have a full blown party that is out of control because more and more people were invited. One seemingly small choice can turn into a situation that is out of hand. So it is entirely up to us whether we open that door or not.

Today and for at least the past 10 years I have been very selective with what I watch, what I listen to and what I subject myself to. I don’t have a perfect track record and I have given in to temptation from time to time. Because I have an internal radar that detects “dirty deeds” right away, it is easy for me to kick it to the curb and get back on track. I realize the thought is not mine and I will not partner with it and turn my focus on good things replacing it with something that makes my soul happy. As I resist more and more, I become stronger and it gets and easier. My favorite pastor Bill Johnson says, “we must take every thought captive”. This means to examine the thoughts in our minds and discard the ones that are garbage. To discard the bad and keep the good, brings about a more peaceful, joyful and abundant life.

Our eyes and ears are gates into our souls. What we allow to come in becomes the building blocks of the soul. Our souls are precious because the quality of our existence depends heavily upon the health of it. A healthy vibrant soul concentrates on positivity, ignores negativity, experiences great happiness and joy, creates a desired atmosphere, teaches and motivates others by setting a good example, is trustworthy and dependable, is pure and honest.

With a healthy soul we can reach our true potential and thrive. So take up your sword and be ready to slay the dragons in your life. It is worth protecting and defending for the sake of the world.

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

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