It’s plaguing our nation! It has become a problem in our society and we continue to seek out solutions to eliminate it! Americans are spending billions of dollars a year trying to remedy the problem! But I am afraid we may be choosing to just cover it up or potentially even making it worse. What is it? This enemy to modern society is called fatigue. Let’s look at the potential reasons why so many people are feeling fatigued today and identify one of the best solutions that could start working for you right away. With knowledge about what is causing the problem, we are equipped to put together a battle plan. Let’s live life more abundantly. Let’s vow to live a more vibrant lifestyle.

Studies show fatigue is the most common complaint women bring to their doctors. Doctors make all sorts of claims and give different solutions to their patients. But the question is…”what is draining us?” The subject is so broad and so complicated, it would take thousands upon thousands of pages to tackle it sufficiently. So let’s narrow it down. I like to approach problems by taking one bite at a time. As with most humans, I am fully capable of being really good at one thing at a time. With that in mind I can choose to create a new, healthy habits. I hope the impact on my own well-being might set a good example for the people around me. After all, we are all made to be leaders and people of influence.

What is causing your fatigue?

Too much sugar?
Too much caffeine?
Too Little or Too Much Exercise?
Lack of Sleep?
A bad attitude?
Clutter and Disorganization?
Lack of nutrition? Stress?
Low self-esteem?

Saying “yes” to everything and everyone?
Excess stimulation from electronics?
Medications: anti-depressants, pain killers and statins?
Chronic pain?
Hormonal changes?
Low vitamin levels?
Medical conditions such as anemia, diabetes, heart disease/abnormalities?
Food/gluten allergies?

Let’s tackle energy drink and caffeine consumption for example. Our health is paying a pretty price from some of the horrific choices we have made. Society says it’s acceptable and makes it easily accessible. We often reach for what helps now in the moment without looking at the future consequences. Choosing a healthy alternative will provide long term sustainable energy for years to come. Try consuming a healthy, all-natural energy source rather than the sugar and chemical laden products on the market so many people are addicted to.

At least 30 to 50 percent of teens and young adults consume energy drinks. They often choose the best sellers: Red Bull with 43%, Monster with 39% and Rockstar with 10% of the $13.5 billion dollar market in the USA in 2015. Some of the ingredients in these beverages are okay to consume such as the B-vitamins, carbonated water, caffeine, ginseng root extract.

There are also many questionable ingredients like the large amounts of sugar, taurine, the so-called natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, inositol, artificial color, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, sucralose (artificial sweetener), guarana seed, cyanocobalamin, niacinamide, glucuronolactone, maltodextrin, sodium chloride, riboflavin and pyridoxine hydrochloride?

If I cannot pronounce it, do I really want to put this into my body on a daily basis? Is this the right choice? These products certainly energize the body for a little while then the body crashes from the stimulation overload.There can be some serious consequences to our health. We have seen time and time again in the news that people have been seriously injured or even died using the products. Children, teenagers and young adults with diabetes, seizures, heart problems, or mood and behavior disorders are more prone to serious side effects after consuming energy drinks. We also often see dramatic mood changes and food cravings with some people.


Here is my proposal for a better, healthier alternative. Ditch the energy drinks, say no to Red Bull. Say no to that Monster calling your name. And say yes to better nutrition that fuels your body with natural ingredients created by nature. Get Uncorked!

Uncorked is made of only all-natural, pharmaceutical quality, gluten-free, GMO-free ingredients. The list of ingredients is simple: stevia, maqui berry, acai, mangosteen, goji berry, pomegranate, Siberian Ginseng, Yohimbe Bark Extract, American Ginseng Root, Panax Ginseng Root and Caffeine. It has 15 calories and 1 gram of dietary fiber. This energy source is guaranteed to give you a smooth, steady sustained energy boost for up to 6 hours, providing mental clarity and health benefits against inflammation, free-radicals, pain and more.

Visit my website at for more information and get Uncorked today.

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