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Body, soul and spirit blogger. It is my desire to inspire people! Live a life at your greatest possible potential. Focus on physical/mental health, identity, destiny, creativity, joy and peace. I will share the tools and tips I’ve learned that your life might be enhanced. I want to help you make a real difference.


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Here you are free to be authentically yourself.  We encourage individuality and champion creativity. This is a place for fun interaction, great information and discovery of true identity.  Leave the weight of the world at the door and step into an uplifting, empowering experience.

Rachel Kissinger:  The Body, Soul and Spirit Blogger

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Soul Check-Up

Soul Check-Up

Is it time for a good soul cleaning? Do you focus on the health of your physical body by eating good foods, exercising and going to the doctor? It's easy to focus on the physical because it can be seen. But your soul is seen by the choices you make, the words you...

Keys to Overcoming Addiction

Keys to Overcoming Addiction

A Weekend to Remember      A person can come to a point when a good majority of his or her thoughts and actions become sinful in nature. I know an amazing young man that knows this all too well. His name is Don and his story has to be told. He...

Does My Cat Have PTSD?

Does My Cat Have PTSD?

Rachel Kissinger, Body, Soul & Spirit Blogger, California 29 April 2017 Is it possible? I didn't think it was, but my cat has developed PTSD. It is a very serious and treatable condition in humans. I know many, many people that have PTSD (post traumatic stress...

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